How to Register as a Dentist
in the UK with an
Overseas BDS Qualification?

Learn what it takes to settle in the UK as an overseas qualified dentist?

Many foreign qualified dentists aim to register as dentists and operate in the United Kingdom. Dentistry professional in the United Kingdom pays well and is well-reputed. So long as overseas qualified dentists have the necessary qualifications, they are allowed in the United Kingdom to practise privately or accept NHS patients.

Know About Your Qualification & Registration Flow

Qualification types and registration flow

  • Relevant European diploma
    • If you have never been registered with the GDC previously and have a qualified European diploma, you can apply online through eGDC by selecting “Apply to register.”
  • GDC recognised overseas diploma
  • Overseas Registration Exam (ORE)
    • If your qualification isn’t on the list of Recognized Foreign Qualifications, you’ll have to take the GDC’s overseas registration exam (ORE). You can also pursue the Royal College of Surgeons’ Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS). Both tests are divided into two parts, each of which is completed individually over a five- to six-month period. To sit for part two, a candidate must first pass part one. The LDS is based on electronic random allocation, and candidates must then transmit the required supporting documents if they are offered a spot, whereas the ORE requires applicants to submit extensive evidence and certification before they can schedule a seat on the exam. These exams are designed to assess “clinical skills and knowledge of dentists from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) whose qualifications do not qualify them for full registration with the GDC in the United Kingdom.” Candidates must reach or surpass the requirements of a “recently graduated” UK BDS graduate. Furthermore, a candidate must be able to demonstrate competence, understanding, and acquaintance with various elements of dentistry.

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