Immediate Life Support Course For Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ) Hands-on Course in London

Immediate Life Support Course For Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ) Hands-on course at UKDENTAL4U includes the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations.

  • 1-year nationally recognised certificate

  • Meets GDC’s developmental requirements for Development Outcome C

  • Follows Resuscitation Council UK guidelines

  • Course delivered via lectures, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations (CASTeach)
  • Delivered by trainers selected carefully from a pool of highly skilled, dedicated and Resuscitation Council UK certified instructors


ILS course session

Why train with us?

  • Advanced resuscitation training facilities
  • Budget-friendly
  • Certified CPD provider
  • Certificate on the same day
  • COVID safe training assessment with current social distancing requirements
  • More than a standard BLS session
  • NHS experts

Suitable for:

  • Dentists
  • Dental Nurses
  • Dental Sedation Practitioners
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Student Nurses

Course Overview

Immediate Life Support Course (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ)

Immediate Life Support (ILS) course was developed by Resuscitation Council UK for healthcare and dental professionals who may have to act as the first responder in an emergency, giving them the skills to manage patients in cardiac arrest before a cardiac arrest team arrives. This Immediate Life Support course (covering both adults and paediatrics) is designed to meet the core competencies set by the Standards for Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care.

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Course / Intermediate Life Support Course at Dental Hygienist and Therapist Consulting Board “UKDENTAL4U” offers candidates the ability and skills to immediately care response for the person in a life-threatening situation and enabling them to manage patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of an emergency team and to participate as members of that team. This one day course includes lectures, practical working stations and workshops that re-enforce the information within the course manual which is sent prior to course.

This Immediate Life Support Course For Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ) Hands-on course in London provides a variety of skills, from managing a deteriorating patient, identifying causes and treating cardiac arrest, to improving abilities as both a team member and leader.

Why ILS course over BLS course?​

BLS (Basic Life Support) course incorporates Basic CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Skills and use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for Dental Professionals. Whereas ILS (Immediate Life Support Course For Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ) Hands-on Course) is more advanced care and includes CPR, Choking, AED, ABCDE Approach, Airway management, Suction, Medical Emergencies, Oxygen Therapy and Vital Signs. This has course has become mandatory for dental registration.

Objectives & Outcomes of Immediate Life Support Course For Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ) Hands-on Course

The Immediate Life Support session covers:

  • Chain of Survival Concept
  • Causes and prevention of cardiac arrest
  • Practical CPR demonstrations and assessment of competency on adult and child resuscitation manikins.
  • ‘Hands-On’ practical CPR session utilising basic resuscitation aids on both adult and child resuscitation manikins for all the team including an overview of defibrillation and its importance.
  • ABCDE patient assessment.
  • Management of medical emergencies within primary dental care – including anaphylaxis
  • Advice and recommendation on dental practice emergency response equipment.
  • Practice simulations and discussions to develop emergency procedures.
  • Course completion certificate signed by the course director and Resuscitation Council (UK) instructor with our NHS hospital logo. Emergency algorithm handout.


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