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The Route to GDC Registration

Your Dental Knowledge Is Your Capital

Practice Dentistry in the UK

We have broadly classified our services into two streams depending on our clients current location. The offering are almost similar but with a few critical changes tailored to the following two categories:

Stream 1

Overseas Dentists resident in the UK → Consultancy for GDC assessment process for Dental Therapist/Dental Hygienist registration

Stream 2

Overseas Dentists resident abroad → Consultancy for GDC assessment process for Dental Therapist registration, job placement and visa guidance

Easy & Effective Consultation

Our consultants will follow up with your query with humble and top priority so that your application problems are sorted out real quick.

EU & Non-EU Applicants

We deemed to serve to all Overseas Dental professionals from EU, Non-EU region who wants to practice dentistry in the UK.


Our consultation service are very economical and we do not want you to suffer from budget limitation. Your job done is our top priority.