ORE and LDS Courses in London

Offering dedicated and practical ORE/LDS preparation sessions for overseas GDC registration applicants. The Course is taught by teachers and experts with considerable qualification and professional experience.

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Course Overview

ORE/LDS Part 1 Course

This intensive course prepares trainees for the theoretical knowledge required for Part 1 of the LDS and ORE examinations.

The course covers key topics in the LDS/ORE Part 1 exam syllabus as outlined in the GDC’s document Preparing for Practice: clinically applied dental science and human disease, and all aspects of clinical dentistry – including law and ethics and health and safety.

This course is suitable for candidates preparing for part 1 of the License in Dental Surgery (LDS) and the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE).

You will gain 30 hours of verifiable CPD and a thorough understanding of the key areas of the Part 1 exam syllabus, including:

  • Clinically applied dental science and human disease
  • Clinical dentistry
  • Law and ethics and health and safety

The course is provided by a mixture of interactive lectures, seminars and discussions.

This course involves a range of interactive sessions taught by leading clinicians and lecturers in the fields of clinically applied dental science, human disease and clinical dentistry.

ORE/LDS Part 2 Course

This intensive practical course prepares trainees for the LDS and ORE Part 2 examination.

The courses cover the entire ORE and LDS part 2 exam syllabus as outlined by the General Dental Council which requires candidates to demonstrate practical clinical skills.

The course is suitable for those preparing for the ORE/LDS Part 2 examination.

You will gain 24 hours of verifiable CPD, and:

  • understand dental treatment planning/unseen cases within specific case scenarios;
  • understand core medical emergencies within practical scenarios and OSCEs;
  • understand and work through OSCEs within the specified time constrictions and set criteria as developed by the education department.

Days one and two of the course will concentrate on teaching treatment planning with various case scenarios delivered in both seminar and practical fashion.

Day three will focus on teaching medical emergencies in theory and practically; day four will provide trainees with an opportunity to practice OSCEs in the form of a mock circuit augmented by further skills training in the afternoon.

Course content

  • Dental treatment planning (DTP)
  • ILS and medical emergencies (ME)
  • OSCEs and skills training (OSCE)

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